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Welcome to Nine Muses Travel

Hi! I'm Danielle Dybiec, President of Nine Muses Travel, and I'm happy you're here!


My entire career's been devoted to my two passions: travel and the performing arts. I founded my company to indulge couples, families, singles and groups (of all kinds!) with the best local arts, culture, history and cuisine in any destination for a well-traveled, inspired life filled with insightful discoveries and fantastic memories. I actively and deeply listen to what my clients need and want and custom-tailor the vacation of your dreams.

I'm passionate about the arts and travel because at their best they take you outside your comfort zones and expose you to new worlds, new perspectives, and new voices, and you return home changed, with a greater understanding of what your own life means and your own place in this world. Traveling responsibly and sustainably in support of local cultures and economies also promotes a tremendous redistribution of wealth across the world and is why Nine Muses Travel is a proud member of the Virtuoso Sustainability community. Arts and travel aren't frivolous. They're essential.

It's an honor and a joy to help my clients have life-changing experiences.


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CLICK HERE to watch my October 2020 Travefy Academy interview.

Why Work with Nine Muses Travel?

Once you experience the personal attention, value, benefits and VIP perks of working with a travel advisor, you'll never go back to DIY. As world events have proven time and time again, hiring a travel advisor is the best first decision you make when planning a journey. I work for you until you return home and advocate for your interests along the way. This includes knowing which tour operators and travel suppliers are the most reputable, reliable and responsive. I have preferred relationships with the best of the best out there via membership with host agency Gifted Travel Network, which offers access to Virtuoso, the most respected (and invite-only) luxury travel consortia in the world. But it doesn't stop there! 

It's All in the Details

How did almost two decades as an arts manager prepare me for a career as a travel advisor? In Artist Services at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), I worked with over 100 world-renowned performing arts companies before managing rentals at The New 42nd Street Studios for hundreds of productions in rehearsal, often seeing shows go from workshop to Broadway stage. These high-profile positions required a sophisticated level of hospitality and cultural awareness as well as mastery of scheduling, contracts, budgeting and complex logistics – a terrific skill set for a future travel entrepreneur!

Insider Knowledge

I also have valuable insight into the world of tour operators. For five years prior to Nine Muses Travel, I designed over 50 bespoke group itineraries and led product design and operations working for two major luxury tour operators. I started my business with a global network of professional contacts in place and years of experience working with the world's top travel suppliers. Many colleagues championed my success, and I invite you to read more on the Testimonials page. 

I Get Around

No matter what age, travel has always been a huge part of my life. I've studied and worked multiple times in London, and Portugal has become the home of my heart, I love it so. I won't list all the places I've been because I'd have to constantly update this page! Trust me, it's a lot. It's important that your travel advisor has been around, understands world travel first-hand, and can even offer personal recommendations. For places I haven't been, I work with knowledgeable colleagues in each destination, so you are getting the best local information and insight - for all your trips. 

Custom Group Travel

Nine Muses Travel works with any group interested in cultural exploration: family, friends, clubs, associations - you name it!  With an accomplished background in arts management and luxury group tourism, I also saw the need for a boutique travel company led by a professional fluent in both languages. Nine Muses Travel uniquely understands the performing arts industry, and with my experience in bespoke group travel for donors of high-profile theaters, museums, alumni organizations and more, I look forward to sharing with you the fabulous benefits of customized, cultural travel.

Groups require a great deal of orchestration, so hire a maestro to help!



1. I have an MFA degree in Performing Arts Management and wrote my final thesis in London while working in the Press Office of the National Theatre. If I could pitch a tent and just live in the lobby of the NT, I would. 

2. Before I started my own business, I tour directed a group of Sarah Lawrence College alumnae in Havana at the same time it was visited by President Obama and his family, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Rolling Stones. I even got a video of Secretary of State John Kerry entering our hotel and greeting staff before a meeting. I'll never forget managing the minute-by-minute changes to our program as we nimbly navigated the city through heightened security and scores of reporters from around the world. Witnessing these historic moments alongside the Cuban people was incredible! 

3. In my spare time, I stay connected to theater by ushering Off-Broadway. I love interacting with audiences and the front of house team camaraderie, and I get paid to see amazing shows!

4. I've worked in luxury travel since 2013 and quickly became known for adding my own "magic pixie dust" into itineraries. A client called me a "travel sorceress" in her Google review, and that's my new favorite compliment!

5. Being a writer as well as a travel professional, composing my weekly newsletter Muse News is a highlight of my week. Visit my CONTACT page to subscribe and let me know what you think! 

Danielle Dybiec

Founder and President



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