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Why the Arts are Essential in NYC

"This is one of the greatest cultural capitals of the world. Arts and culture help us to make sense of the times we’re living in, and if we ever needed that in any point of our history, it’s now." ― Mayor Bill de Blasio

I founded Nine Muses Travel for artists, arts lovers, arts supporters, and intellectually curious travelers who wish to be inspired on their journeys and experience authentic arts and culture, history, and cuisine - all over the world. Art and travel have been twin passions at the core of my being, throughout my whole life. My early start in arts management segued seamlessly into a career focused on creative, exquisitely curated travel itineraries. I love theater so much that when I moved full time into Travel, I'd usher in my spare time for fun at NYC venues like the Park Avenue Armory, Lincoln Center, and of course, Theatre for a New Audience in my home borough of Brooklyn at our wonderful Polonsky Shakespeare Center. I was ushering at TFANA on March 11, 2020 for our last live audience, a preview of the play Gnit. The next day I got the email saying the run was canceled until further notice. That same day Broadway went dark too, for its longest period ever. With full attention turned to keeping Nine Muses Travel alive and well this past year, I've managed without the beat of the other half my heart, New York's arts community (except for some fantastic virtual shows). Then came BroadwayCon 2021.

BroadwayCon celebrated its fifth anniversary this weekend with impactful, illuminating, uniting content and beautifully raw, open, vulnerable, and vibrant vibes infused through each super-engaging panel. Nine Muses Travel returned as a vendor (with a virtual "booth" this time), and some new followers are receiving their first Muse News today. Welcome! I think they'll understand when I say I'm still processing all my emotions from BroadwayCon weekend. We heard from artists, producers, educators, and more on what this year has been like for them and thoughts on how the industry has a chance to rebound with more equitable and inclusive opportunities at every level. Artists shared how they were all in the same boat - forced to stop the hustle of striving to "make it" and use the time alone to rediscover themselves, reinvent themselves, and reimagine how they could pivot, create online content, stay relevant, and advocate strongly for the survival of the performing arts industry.

How does Nine Muses Travel fit into all this? I fundamentally believe in the life transforming power of incredible artistic and travel experiences. The arts and travel both provide cultural connection and moments of sublime delight. It's an absolute joy to help plan a trip you'll never forget, filled with all the elements that most inspire you. I'm honored to be your travel advisor and bring you a world of amazing cultural experiences like a VIP backstage tour after your next Broadway show, a classical music themed Danube River cruise with live performances by renowned musicians, or perhaps a private tour of the Met Museum with an art expert - all alone in the museum before it opens to the public that day. I have extraordinary connections in extraordinary places!

The arts are essential. Travel is essential. Being reminded of and reveling in the beauty of the world and its cultures and the boundless capacity of humankind's artistic expression - also essential. Despite being one of our largest exports, the arts are grossly undervalued by our government, in stark contrast to just about every other Western nation. On March 30, 2021 the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released that arts and cultural economic activity accounted for $919.7 BILLION of our nation's GDP in 2019. Here in New York, the theater district and Times Square make up 1% of the city's land mass and 15% of the city's economy! Broadway sells more tickets than all 10 of New York and New Jersey's major sports teams - combined. There are 97,000 full time arts workers employed on Broadway.

When we say there's no business like show business, put the emphasis on "business" because the arts are BIG business. CLICK HERE to learn how to be an Arts Hero!

I design journeys to inspire artists, arts lovers, and intellectually curious travelers who love discovering authentic arts, culture, history, and cuisine for life-changing, joyful discoveries, anywhere in the world they long to be - with special, insider access, all around the world!

Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President


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