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10 Fun Facts About Greenland

Tikilluarit! It means welcome in Greenlandic. I learned this and these 10 fun facts below about Greenland courtesy of Visit Greenland at The Nordics travel show event in New York last week. I was moved to learn about its history of Inuit culture plus so many other reasons you'll want to visit this less-explored island: northern lights, glaciers, hiking, biking, kayaking, birdwatching, cruising, diving, whale watching, icebergs, midnight sun, hot springs, flightseeing, arctic wildlife, ice sheets, Vikings, museums, snowshoeing, skiing, dog sledding, and epic photography tours. Greenland seems to me like the Alaska of Europe; that was my first impression. Pretty "cool," right?

  1. There are no roads connecting two towns in Greenland. Transport between towns occurs mainly via boat or plane.

  2. In Greenlandic, Greenland is called Kalaallit Nunaat.

  3. Greenland is an autonomous counntry within the Kingdom of Denmark.

  4. Historians say that humans have inhabited Greenland for more than 4,500 years.

  5. You can experience the midnight sun between May 25th to July 25th in Greenland, a time when the sun never sets.

  6. The northern lights are visible in Greenland between September and the beginning of April.

  7. The ice sheet covers 80% of Greenland.

  8. The highest temperature in Greenland ever recorded is 75 degrees. The lowest temperature recorded is -95 degrees.

  9. The population density in Greenland is one of the lowest in the world at 0.14 people per square km.

  10. Greenland is the biggest island in the world with a land mass of 836,300 square miles.

Excerpt below from 5/22/23 Virtuoso article by Amy Cassel can be found here.

The northern lights may get most of the Arctic-illumination glory, but the midnight sun creates its own magic too. From April to August, daylight reigns in Greenland’s northernmost reaches, which Lindblad Expeditions visits during a six-day exploration of the country’s wild west coast – giving travelers access to local culture in one of the world’s most remote places. (Traveling by sea is the best way to see this isolated country – the world’s largest island – as coastal towns aren’t well connected by roads.)

The 126-passenger National Geographic Resolution introduces travelers to Greenland’s untamed, undiscovered terrain, from iceberg-viewing in Disko Bay to kayaking in the Ataneq Fjord. Onboard photo pros help passengers capture midnight sun landscapes, and opportunities to meet local Inuit people provide a chance for meaningful connection in a destination that still feels beautifully off the beaten path. Departures: July 13 and 18, 2024; including a round-trip charter flight from Boston.



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