Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I receive here at Nine Muses Travel:

What does a travel advisor do, and why should I hire one?

I protect your time and travel investment. Rather than wasting hours online and gambling on internet booking sites, you want a well-connected travel professional with expert research and planning skills and destination knowledge who will listen carefully to your travel needs and do all the work to match you with the best options, personalized for you. Thanks to my relationships in the industry, I can often get amenities, upgrades, and other special VIP touches you couldn’t access on your own, providing even more value for your trip. I also bring a keen aesthetic eye to your itineraries, uncovering the best local culture, history and hidden gems: performances, museums, gardens, wineries, castles, cafes and more. My job doesn’t stop when the trip is booked; I prepare travelers by checking passports are current and sending packing advice and tipping guidelines and remain available to add on extra activities and excursions. While traveling, should my clients face unpleasant surprises like a missed connection, my help is a phone call away. I am not affiliated with any travel suppliers, hotels, etc. so you always know proposals are hand-tailored, with only your satisfaction in mind.

Do you plan group trips?

Absolutely! I cater to all kinds of groups: donor travel for nonprofits, affinity groups, even groups of family and friends. Nine Muses Travel specializes in culturally-rich itineraries for groups, so you’re assured of having a jovial group experience that is engaging and enlightening. Please visit Groups Services to read more about the many benefits of traveling as a group.

Do you charge a planning fee?

Nine Muses Travel offers many professional services for travelers, and for more detailed information on what I can provide and associated fees, please visit the Trip Planning Services page.

What destinations do you offer?

I am connected to a vast, global network of thoroughly vetted suppliers around the globe and can put together your dream trip practically anywhere you’d like to go. I have my personal favorites which you can read more about on the Destinations and Guides.

Do I need a passport to travel domestically and internationally?

To travel outside the United States, you need a passport valid for 6 months after your ticketed return date. (Avoid waiting to the last minute to apply or renew for your passport as processing times can vary.) To be in compliance with the Real ID act, residents of some states may need to use their passport to also board domestic flights, so we'll check your state’s requirements. I recommend always having a passport ready so you can fly anywhere on a moment’s notice!

Will I need a tourist visa?

Some countries require American travelers to have a tourist visa. I’ll advise if you’re traveling somewhere a tourist visa is needed and can assist you in obtaining one.

Is it difficult to explore a new country if I don’t know the language?

There’s nothing like setting out to see new lands, and you don’t need to be fluent in foreign languages to do so. Learning a few common greetings and useful phrases demonstrates you respect other cultures and will go a long, long way - along with patience and a smile. Also, a fluent guide can be arranged for you to bridge any language barriers.

What is a trip protection plan, and why do I need it?

A trip protection plan is for unexpected occurrences before and during a trip, so you can relax knowing you and your travel investment are covered for a wide range of incidents. Nine Muses Travel works with reputable travel insurance providers who offer robust benefits including trip cancellation and delay, medical emergency and evacuation, pre-existing condition waiver and much, much more. Did you know your medical insurance policy probably only covers medical emergencies in the contiguous 48 states? The value of a trip protection plan and the support it gives when you need it most cannot be overstated, and it really is a must. Read more HERE about travel insurance, courtesy of Consumer Advocate.

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