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Antarctica and Arctic Expeditions are the Coolest

"The thing that is most beautiful about Antarctica for me is the light. It's like no other light on Earth, because the air is so free of impurities. You get drugged by it, like when you listen to one of your favorite songs. The light there is a mood-enhancing substance." ― Jon Krakauer


Maybe it's the heat wave, but Antarctica is suddenly the coolest destination guests are requesting this week! One of my friends, who's also a favorite client of mine, just booked her own solo cabin aboard G Expedition, the Antarctic expedition vessel with G Adventures (the same tour company I traveled with around Namibia in April). Her cruise's embarkation day is also her 83rd birthday! She's traveling outside her comfort zone and feeling a part of a travel community was important for her. I immediately thought of G Adventures because their spirit of escorted travel is so welcoming and friendly, especially for solo travelers. Even after considering all the Antarctica cruise options for her dates, G Adventures was still the best choice for her, and she's got such an incredible adventure ahead of her this December! She'll be seeing penguins on frozen shorelines, whales swimming through the cold waters, and awe-inspiring landscapes - floating outside. Antarctica is our last frontier, a pristine paradise of icy wilderness.


Other clients of mine are new cruise converts after experiencing the small ship luxury of Silversea's Silver Nova ship while sailing in Alaska this spring. One of their excursions had involved taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier, so when they approached me for an Antarctica cruise, I knew just which line to propose for them - Quark Expeditions. Their new ship, Ultramarine, is the only expedition in Antarctica with helicopters! Ultramarine has not one but two twin-engine helicopters that elevate guests to views and remote areas that no other cruise line can offer. Ultramarine, like every ship in Quark's fleet, has fewer than 200 guests, and the latest in polar marine technology. Plus Ultramarine has a spa, sauna and steam room, boutique store, gym, doctor, large and beautifully modern cabins and suites, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size.


Besides Antarctica, Quark excels in the North too (Greenland, Iceland, Arctic Canada, and more) and took the first consumer travelers to the North Pole in 1991. They led the first passenger transit of the Northeast Passage, and they were the first to offer hot-air ballooning there at the top of the world. Quark offers the most adventure options during their sailings too including heli-hiking, stand up paddle boarding, alpine lake kayaking, and even overnight camping on Greenland - something so few can say they've done. I was so impressed with Quark as I did a deep dive into Ultramarine for my clients that I decided to take their training this weekend and became a certified Specialist with Quark Expeditions!


There are many respected expedition lines that responsibly explore the Arctic and Antarctica, and the most important thing is working with an advisor like me who knows how to pair you with the best cruise ship and company to match your needs and preferences. Knowing what time of year to visit and the subtle differences in weather and sights from month to month is another factor I'll help you consider.


What can't be described though is the way these places will fill you with awe and wonder, transported by the silence of no human inhabitants and the unbelievable quiet, calm, and peace. Greenland is on my list now... What remote destinations do you dream about?



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Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President


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