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Brooklyn Made + Ecuador Fun Facts

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming." ― David Bowie

Nine Muses Travel has been a proud member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for several years because it's an incredibly supportive community for us small business owners in Brooklyn with large entrepreneurial drive. Last week marked a huge achievement - the opening of Brooklyn Made, brought to life by the Brooklyn Chamber. I attended the grand opening party of this cool store that promotes designers, makers, and entrepreneurs across the borough. It's located in Building 5 of Brooklyn's Industry City, a fun and fabulous place to shop, eat, drink, and explore. I brought a friend who misses living in Brooklyn to the opening party full of revelers and local celebs (like King Henry, the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball clown) all celebrating the store by shopping and dancing to the DJ outside the door who'd randomly and hilariously shout out corporate sponsor names like "Wells Fargo!!" over the music. Of course we had to shop a little to show our Brooklyn spirit, so I got these awesome BKLYN earrings. Next time you're in Industry City, check out Brooklyn Made and all their locally-made products: bags, shirts, hats, books, jewelry, candles, skin care, mugs, home and decorative items, and a lot more!

Last week I also had the pleasure of being invited by the Minister of Tourism of Ecuador to an enlightening event for travel advisors to meet with local suppliers and learn more about Ecuador - and taste some traditional Ecuadorian treats too! Besides making valuable new contacts, like at the just-opened Hotel Indigo Galápagos on San Cristóbal Island, I learned fascinating fun facts about Ecuador. I LOVE FUN FACTS. Here are a few! Ecuador contains four worlds: coastal, desert, jungle, and mountains. Within Ecuador you'll find the Atacama desert (driest place on Earth), Amazon jungle, Andes Mountains, Pacific coast, plus the Galápagos Islands (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and volcanoes too! It's the world's most biodiverse country, and second is Colombia, which is vastly larger in size; Ecuador has 1,600 bird species alone (15% of the world's birds). Two new frog species were discovered in Ecuador's jungle just a few days ago! Ecuador is one of 17 countries with the Ecuator running through it and experiences sunrise and sunset at basically the same time every day, 6am and 6pm. It also has two cities with UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Quito and Cuenca, and a last fun fact is there are direct flights from New York to the capital Quito! You'll definitely want to explore this beautiful city before your next trip to the Galápagos, where I have many contacts, all of which honor the country's very strict tourism guidelines on how to safely and responsibly visit the islands to promote research and protect their sustainability. Interested in visiting Ecuador but don't know where to start? Let me know! I have hyper-local contacts to help craft your excellent Ecuadorian journey with us.

And back in the home office, new trips are being planned for old friends revisiting their favorite places in Italy (Positano, Rome, Florence) and another pair of friends heading to New York City, with a special focus on Harlem's history and cuisine. It's a joy to help friends make more memories together through travel! Where would you and your bestie like to explore next? Let's make it happen!



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Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President


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