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Experiencing Explora Journeys as a Solivagant

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) / It's always ourselves we find in the sea" ― E. E. Cummings


I have a new favorite word: solivagant. The definition is "a lone wanderer." How have I never heard this word before, when it perfectly describes me? I learned it thanks to Explora Journeys because here on our ship Explora I, gatherings for solo travelers are dubbed the Solivagant Society. Isn't that the best? The name alone gives dignity to us lone wanderers who thrive when traveling on our own. Everything that Explora Journeys does has this touch of cool class, and I love it. I keep thinking of specific people (friends, clients) who would absolutely love it too.


Since I boarded in L.A. on Sunday, I immediately sensed Explora Journeys is in a class all its own. The capacity is 922 maximum (if every suite was filled), which is nowhere near the size of the megaships you see advertised on TV. The suites are spacious and so comfortable, and besides the included minibar, you get to choose a bottle of wine and a bottle of spirits when you arrive too. My #1 favorite wine, Vinho Verde, was on the list! There are lots of stunningly designed dining and lounge areas (six restaurants, 12 bars and lounges - eight indoor and four outdoor, plus Chef's Kitchen and in-suite dining), each with these clever nooks that create a sense of intimacy everywhere you go. If you're into fashion, they have a Rolex store where you go home with the watch you choose, instead of waiting months or years even like you would on land. But the clothing shops aren't filled with designer labels or logo items; they've curated collections or artisan, eco-conscious brands from around the world.


The luxury touches are all around, but subtle too. We have Dyson hair dryers, and the bathroom floor's heated, with a dial to adjust the warmth. There are lights under the side tables with motion sensors, so if you get up at night, they create a soft glow to guide you. As I write this on my suite's loveseat, I'm wrapped cozily in a heavy, soft gray cashmere blanket while I listen to the otherworldly, ambient "Journey of Sleeping" channel they put on my TV during evening turndown. Since I stepped on board, I feel like I've been dreaming.


And the food is so delicious! Erase all images from your mind of a stereotypical, messy buffet with shared serving ware. On Deck 11 instead you'll find the Emporium Marketplace with pristine stations of freshly made food served to you (behind a glass partition) by friendly and enthusiastic crew. Tonight I had perfect Spanish-style pintxos before my dinner of swordfish plus a little vegetable curry over jasmine rice. I just came from the spa and was in a blissful headspace, with hair too ruffled from my massage to present myself in one of the ship's restaurants. The crew was kind as ever, and I stayed as relaxed through dinner there as I was when I arrived. You just can't say that about every cruise line.


The international crew is genuinely friendly and so professional, and they all seem to be supported and relaxed enough to let their quirks shine. Every crew member I've spoken to is exceedingly proud of this ship. All the guests I've met have been very sweet too. Nobody here is hanging from the rafters, but they're not stuffy either; it's a refreshingly chill, diverse crowd.


Explora I is like a floating wellness resort. If you enjoy Canyon Ranch or Miraval style resorts, this is like their ocean equivalent. I mean, my first on board activity was a sound bath meditation. Besides our Pacific coast itinerary that I'm really excited about, I needed this time to focus on some of my own personal wellness goals. I recommend coming on board with all your baggage, not just the checked ones. Set an intention for yourself. Let Explora Journeys pamper you, and let the ocean and this heavenly environment support whatever inner work you might need. That's what I'm doing. We all have something to work on, don't we? Can Explora Journeys change your life? Maybe....



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Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President


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