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Greetings from Guanajuato!

"There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met." — Jim Henson

Greetings from Mexico and Guanajuato capital city! I arrived Saturday morning to this brightly colorful colonial town for a few extra days as part of a special pre-conference itinerary planned for just five of us attendees of the World Romance Travel - Love Mexico conference, and as you can see from our first walk around town, we are having a lot of fun together soaking in the atmosphere of the Day of the Dead festivities. Everywhere there are fresh marigolds, the symbolic flower for this holiday, and there are lovingly handmade altars here and there (at a restaurant, in the lobby of a hotel, on a sidewalk even) with a framed photo of a loved one and then lots of fresh flowers and other treasures that person enjoyed. The cheerful streets have Mexican families and visitors of all ages enjoying themselves and a wedding happening in almost every church we passed. It's such a special time to be here! The weather is also absolutely perfect too year-round: dry and sunny, in the 70s or 80s in the daytime and in the 50s at night - pleasant sightseeing temperatures and great sleeping weather. I highly recommend coming to visit during the first week of November too for the Day of the Dead's family-friendly festive vibes that bring this easily walkable city alive with flair.

We began our first full day in Guanajuato on Sunday with a private morning yoga session led by the owner of a yoga retreat business. We arrived to mats laid out for us in a charming gazebo in the center of the tranquil park Jardin el Cantador, a short stroll from our casa. After our stretches and balancing poses to the soundtrack of foreign bird calls and a man rhythmically sweeping the park with a long, leafy branch, we sat and sang a soothing chant to feel the vibrations of the sounds, as the sun rose through the trees and shone on us in our relaxed, blissful state. It was one of those times that become so addictive when you roam away from home, experience something new, and feel profound gratitude for the good fortunes of life, health, and the ability to travel.

After yoga, we walked across the street to a sweet, simple hotel for a traditional Mexican breakfast. Each meal has been delicious, authentic, local Mexican dishes - some with recipes I never heard of before. We were even treated to a chocolate paired with mezcal tasting, led by an artisan Mexican chocolatier, on a rooftop bar overlooking the city at sunset, watching the moon rise over the mountains.

On Sunday we also visited Bocamina San Ramón, a former silver mine on a mountaintop, where slaves would live just around four years working under hazardous conditions like processing the silver extractions by hand, not to mention the lung diseases that wracked their bodies. Today, you can climb down into the same entrance those miners did every day, and although the past is horrendous, the mine is worth visiting for the history as well as to marvel at the very rare, long, framed timeline that is truly astounding; crafted in 1888, it's a timeline of human civilization from Adam and Eve to the 1500s, one of only three in the world! Back in town, we also took a look inside the Museum of the Mummies of Guanajuato - macabre and totally fitting for Halloween / Day of the Dead times!

I'm so enchanted by Guanajuato, and you must come experience the flavors, magic, and romantic allures of Guanajuato yourself. I would LOVE to help you make the most of your next journey to Mexico!



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Founder & President

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