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"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier.' "

"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier.' "

― Alfred Lord Tennyson

Expectations are such foolish things. No one expected a year ago, as we set our resolutions and imagined all the places we'd go, that we'd be where we are today, the end of a year of shattered expectations. We've learned all our circumstances can change in an instant, and in the next instant, and in the next. We've adapted to uncertainty. We're mastering living in the moment. We appreciate things more like long conversations with friends and family, the comforting cuddles of our furry friends, delivery services, and leisure wear!

What are your wildest dreams for 2021? Picture yourself having them come true, and put that energy out into the universe! I resolve to focus on allowing precious space in my life for people and activities that keep me strong, healthy, and happy so I'm best equipped to take care of myself, my loved ones, and my travel business in the year ahead. I'm also continuing my extra work with the New York City Test + Trace Corps, so staying fit is key. I originally applied to be a contact tracer because I knew I would handle this pandemic better if I could be actively working to fight it and bring back my city I love so much. Six months in, it feels more like spiritual work now, bringing kindness and grace to each call, and I'm connecting more meaningfully with each case and contact.

My last contact tracing call on Christmas was late in the evening. The woman I called was a non-English speaking immigrant who'd tested positive and was in need of basic necessities like food and legal help, so I placed a referral for Resource Navigator assistance. I could hear the vulnerability and fear in her voice, and at the end of our call as we talked about Christmas and what it means to her, she began crying tears of gratitude and sheer relief that someone reached out to help her. In that moment I thought, This is the true spirit of Christmas I've always heard about.

Let's keep caring for the wellbeing of our communities, our friends, families, and ourselves too. The world needs your vibrant energy, and I hope your new year's resolution includes protecting your vital spirit. We have great adventures ahead, and Nine Muses Travel has new projects on the horizon too. Let's get there together, in a happy and healthy New Year!

Contact Nine Muses Travel when you're ready to learn more about me and what I can do for you!

I design journeys that inspire by highlighting local arts and culture, history, and cuisine for intellectually curious clients longing to feel deeply inspired by exciting destinations, culinary delights, and authentic cultural experiences on a life-changing, joyful journey of discovery.

Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President


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