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How my Virtuoso Travel Week Benefits YOU

"Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford

In an alternate universe, I and thousands of other travel advisors and tourism professionals would be in Las Vegas right now, in the midst of the largest (and most fun) annual networking event of our calendars - Virtuoso Travel Week! Sadly, we can't convene this summer, which is painful for this global community who so look forward to coming together in person from all corners of the globe to meet, hug, laugh, network, share meals, attend cocktail parties, and partake in professional development sessions. We normally take over the Bellagio and Aria hotels and have an epic time in countless meetings and events, learning all the supplier updates, making new contacts, maintaining great business partnerships, and having a blast as we strengthen our businesses. 

Virtuoso Travel Week is still happening this year, and over 4,000 of us attendees have taken it virtual with over 70,000 online networking meetings. While I miss seeing the Vegas strip as my plane lands and I settle in for a whirlwind week ahead, instead I've carefully combed through the list of supplier attendees and confirmed over 60 virtual appointments with managers from hotels, resorts, villas, ranches, travel insurance providers, tourism boards, airlines and private jet companies, chauffeured limousine services, ocean and river cruise lines, yacht and expedition providers, special event insiders, and tour operators covering the globe, some with niche specialties for golfers, bicyclers, trekkers, skiers, train enthusiasts, and supporters of local economies through responsible tourism. I'm also devouring prerecorded presentations on professional development given by superb speakers.

Why does this matter? Because when you work with Nine Muses Travel, you're working with someone whose network of travel suppliers is vast, global, and personal. During these last few months when so many have opted to stay home and save their money for future travels, I have not slowed down. I've used every single work day to grow my network, nurture relationships, and deepen supplier and destination knowledge. I've stayed in contact with suppliers who are important to Nine Muses Travel, and events like Virtuoso Travel Week are when we get to see each other, humanize our connections, and put faces to our emails, calls, and webinar chats. All this translates to offering you superlative, personalized attention, service, extra amenities, exclusive access, and extra special care with your reservations. I am not an impersonal internet booking engine, and you are not an anonymous customer number. Your travel experiences should be life-changing, and you rely on Nine Muses Travel to deeply understand your unique travel desires and why they're important to you and your travel companions. I'll even show you ways to enjoy destinations you didn't know were possible because many companies and touring elements are exclusively for travel advisors with access to Virtuoso's network of suppliers and preferred partners.

I know you're longing to set out again as much as I am, especially after the U.S. State Department last week lifted the global travel ban it put in place over four months ago; we're back to the previous system of country-specific levels of travel advice that gives U.S. citizens detailed information to make our own informed travel decisions. Of course this is another reason you hire a travel professional, so you are working with someone who has personal access to hyper-local colleagues around the world for the latest on-the-ground updates. 

When the time is right for you to take a break, explore something or someplace different and new, enhance your quality of life, and engage in refreshing outdoor activities, I'll be here to help you remember travel is vital for your personal and spiritual well-being. Infusing authentic cultural experiences, history, and cuisine into your itineraries is how Nine Muses Travel enriches your journeys, and my having valuable, personal travel industry relationships is another reason you entrust Nine Muses Travel with your plans.

Tomorrow and Thursday I'll be in over 60 meetings with trusted travel suppliers, so go ahead and email me all your questions about anything pertaining to the travel, and I'll keep you front of mind in my discussions with them because I attend events like Virtuoso Travel Week to be the best for you

I creatively customize luxury travel highlighting local arts and culture, history, and cuisine for intellectually curious clients longing to feel deeply inspired by exciting destinations, culinary delights, and authentic cultural experiences on a life-changing, joyful journey of discovery.

-Danielle Dybiec

President of Nine Muses Travel


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