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Rockies to Red Rocks: Traveling Mindfully to Magical Moab

"The great science to live happily is to live in the present." – Pythagoras

I could tell you all about the incredible things I saw and did last week between Denver and Moab and through Arches and Canyonlands National Parks (and more). I might describe in detail what it was like to ride the fabulous Rocky Mountaineer train for two days, dwarfed by jaw-dropping natural beauty on the new Rockies to the Red Rocks route. But it would never capture the magnitude enough. I decided as our train left Denver and wound its way up to the Rocky Mountains that I would not be looking at my phone, not taking as many pictures as I could have, and instead let the journey captivate me, listening for the lessons it would reveal. When I would slip and start to get used to the beauty outside, I'd remind myself how fleeting these moments would be, how exactly opposite from my life in Brooklyn, and how I should not take a second for granted.

Once in Moab, I toured Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Dead Horse Point State Park, letting the profound, ancient silence blow around me on cool, dusty wind. I stared into abysses of canyons of rock and sand layered by inconceivable eras of Time and Change, landscapes of the dinosaurs whose preserved tracks in that baked earth made it seem like they just passed by. I observed territorial ravens, spotted small lizards finding shade under stones, and crossed paths with scampering Hopi chipmunks. I communed with Utah Juniper trees which let branches they don't need die in order to direct life-sustaining water toward branches that can live, and their twisted, withered branches become picturesque with the pride of successful survival in the harshest conditions.

And, I made friends and had a BLAST - especially on my hummer safari in Sand Flats Recreational Area in Moab. The picture above was taken there, looking over a canyon with an arch in the making and where you can hear your echo at least five times as it bounces through the hills. If you love roller coasters, this hummer tour is for you! It's so exhilarating, and I probably haven't laughed that much in years. To tell you more about this tour would spoil so many of its surprises!

You can find unfiltered photos and video of my trip out West at Nine Muses Travel's Facebook or Instagram pages. They do tell a story, and you can see what I got up to. But none of them come close to capturing what it felt like to be there. Journeys like that happen within you, as well as around you.

If you want to learn more about how you too can travel on a Rocky Mountaineer train in the US or Canada, discover amazing activities around Moab, and enjoy the national parks out West, let's chat! .



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Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President

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