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5 Fun Festivals of Mexico City

Mexico is in our news cycle a lot lately, but how much do you really know about Mexico and its vibrant capital, Mexico City? The city is bursting with charming neighborhoods, especially the historic center which has some of the most beautiful art, architecture and museums in the world. This European-style capital has an international flourish and savvy, infused with history from prehistoric Aztec ruins to Spanish colonial churches with baroque design. Don’t miss Frida Kahlo’s Blue House or the Palacio de Bellas Artes (pictured above). To immerse yourself further in the culture of Mexico City, here are five fun city festivals where you can celebrate with our neighbors to the south.

Festival del Centro Historico

This festival is held in the historic downtown district of Mexico City. It highlights the history of Mexican culture. The events of this festival are spread throughout the historic district which serves as a beautiful backdrop for discovering Mexican art, music, dance, food, and drink.


This film festival travels throughout Mexico for three months and lands in Mexico City around January-February. There are numerous events (many of them are free) that offer different viewings for various categories of films and documentaries.

Corredor Cultura Roma Condesa

This festival is held twice a year, in the spring and fall. The festival theme is eco-friendly consumption, and it is held in one of the hippest, bohemian neighborhoods in Mexico City. It includes the shops, businesses, and restaurants in the neighborhood with exhibits of art, food, drink, design, and fashion.

Vive Latino

This three-day music festival began in 1998 and has grown a lot since then. It started out with purely Latin music and Latin music artists and now includes non-Latin performers and other genres like jazz and progressive rock. The lineups showcase up-and-coming artists as well as major headliners.

Corona Capital

This is another music festival that caters to the fans of indie and rock music. It was first held in 2010 and is now a major international music festival drawing acts like The Strokes and Beck. The AutódromoHermanos Rodriguez hosts the festival every year.

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