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Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

"Take rest. A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." — Ovid

I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! I know for many Americans this weekend was consumed with thoughts of water, wind, or fire damage, so I hope you are safe and healthy and were able to have fun with loved ones, enjoy some BBQ, and take a much-needed break. I spent a couple of days in NJ with kind friends and their incredibly lovable kids. I'm so happy when I get to play with children at magical ages like four and seven because it brings me back to my college days of improv, where one of the main rules is to always have a "yes, and" mindset for whatever your scene partners are imagining. This works perfectly when playing with kids, and we giggled a lot this weekend! I also learned how to play Otrio, what a narwhal is, and the proper order for watching Marvel universe movies. I've been seeing my friend on Zoom almost every week, but there is absolutely nothing like being able to hug your friends close.

Summer may be unofficially over, but don't put away your summer whites just yet. It's always warm and sunny somewhere in the world. Anyway, not wearing white after Labor Day is an outdated and pretty classist "rule," so let's break it! Keep your warm weather whites handy, and let's plan a warm weather getaway - anytime you'd like! I keep saying this over and over because it's just so very true: You need to plan ahead. With so many people who rebooked 2020 and even some 2021 trips this year into future dates, it means less and less availability for you as time goes on. I don't want you to miss out on the trip you're envisioning because you deserve to take a vacation. Burn out can set in and start affecting your life before you know it; you need a break to get away from your routines, change your scenery, and fully feel the joys of living a well-traveled life of exploration - safely, of course. I'll help you every step of the way with that aspect of traveling too.

If you're like me and prefer cooler climes, as of 12:01 am EDT today, fully vaccinated Americans can enter Canada for tourism! Or, if you tested positive 14-180 days before departure to Canada, you may also enter. Travelers must have a valid pre-arrival molecular test taken less than 72 hours before flight departure or land border arrival; antigen (aka rapid tests) aren't accepted. Also, you must be asymptomatic to enter and make use of the ArriveCAN app or website. Can't keep all that in mind? Don't worry! Let Nine Muses help you keep track of travel requirements and guidelines (anywhere in the world), so you can just focus on everything you're able to do again on your next trip to Montreal, Toronto, Nova Scotia, the Canadian Rockies by luxury rail, Vancouver, or wherever you've been longing to roam throughout our neighbor's northern lands.

No doubt you've been laboring with great effort during this era, and it would be a sincere pleasure to help you enjoy the fruits of all that labor - in Canada or somewhere sunny in your warm weather whites!


WHY USE A TRAVEL ADVISOR? Nine Muses Travel offers a premium experience with flights, guides, drivers, rental vehicles, and the best accommodations to maximize your time, with expert advice on how to get the most out of any destination. We INCLUDE amenities for you at the world's finest hotels, the BEST OF THE BEST!

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I design journeys to inspire artists, arts lovers, and intellectually curious travelers seeking authentic arts, culture, history, and cuisine for life-changing, joyful discoveries with special insider access and VIP amenities, all over the world. Let's start planning your next adventure!

Danielle Dybiec | Founder & President


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