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How a Travel Advisor Gets Her City Back

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I love New York. It's not just a slogan; this is my home for over 20 years. I earned my MFA degree in Performing Arts Management here. I had exciting jobs in arts management until 2013 when I transitioned full time to a wonderful career in travel. In New York I built a lifetime's worth of cherished communities around every aspect of my life. When I was a Product Manager re-imagining North American itineraries for the escorted tour company Tauck in CT, Brooklyn was still home base. Two years ago I formed Nine Muses Travel and realized the dream of running my own travel business. I'm proud to be a New York State small business owner, and nothing about current events can change that. When the pandemic arrived on our shores, I never thought of leaving home. Instead, I filled my freezer and pantry, laundered everything, hit the pharmacy, and settled in for the Long Wait. 

My two great loves are the arts and travel, and I built a life I love embracing both passionately. The pandemic's effect on both theater and tourism hurts both halves of my bruised heart. Global travel and tourism is predicted to see a loss of over 100 million jobs, over 50% of its workforce. Arts and events of all kinds are also deeply impacted and will be in the final phases of reopening. I'm grateful to own my business, and it's never been more important to work with a travel advisor. I'm informed about suppliers who are perfect for your vacation and are also solvent, reliable, and responsive. I have your back from the time we book until you return home, advocating for you all along the way. My dedication to excellent customer service is strong as ever. And now there's a new way I can be of service.

While most of the country has been slowly reopening, we here in New York are still in lock down mode because even though new cases and casualties continue to drop, it's been painfully slow coming down that curve. I subscribe to Governor Cuomo's daily emails, and a few weeks ago I read COVID-19 monitors were being hired in New York; I instantly knew this is something I'm uniquely equipped to do. I'm empathetic, conscientious, trustworthy, and already well-versed in running a customer service business. I'm happy to report I was selected and am now a New York City monitor!

I've read the comments below articles about monitors, and I'd like to allay some privacy concerns out there. First, to even apply, I had to take and pass informational courses and background checks. We're thoroughly vetted and subject to the same HIPAA privacy laws as your own doctor! My "class" of monitors began training yesterday, and when asked why we each decided to apply, the answer was unanimous no matter our age, race, or background. We all want to help get our city back.

In the meantime, Nine Muses Travel remains in business full time with the only noticeable change being my phone consultation hours. I scheduled the monitor role specifically to allow all your travel planning to continue unhindered with no interruption for clients. In fact, my monitoring role provides you with additional assurances about me personally since you now know I cleared an extensive background check (which I hope you never questioned), and it also demonstrates my compassion for all my neighbors, as we don't discriminate by race or any other demographic in doing this work. This was a strong point made during training, and I was glad to hear it.

Coronavirus disproportionately brought trauma to our black communities, exposing even greater suffering. So until theaters reopen and I can don my usher uniform and until everyone is traversing the globe again to experience new cultures, COVID-19 monitoring is this new way I can directly help humanity. Especially when so many are hurting this week for so many large reasons, it feels important to have answered this call for help to save lives and get society restarted - hopefully for the better.

Let's not forget we strive for the comforts and joys of life - home, safety, community, friends, family, art, and travel too! Nine Muses Travel will be here when it's time for you to get away, with your loved ones.

Contact me for a vacation planned with care to celebrate life's best moments!


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