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Top 14 Festivals in February

Winter isn't as cold this year for some of us in the northeast, but the daylight is still short, which is a good enough reason to get out of town and brighten up your winter in other ways. February is a fantastic month for festivals, carnivals and holidays around the world - an excellent way to experience other cultures and have a blast doing it. One of my favorite travel suppliers is a company called Journese, who released this awesome list of happenings across their portfolio. Couples, you could fall in love all over again with a Valentine's Day getaway to Venice, Los Cabos or Oahu for these unforgettable festivals. Solo travelers, there's no shortage of new friends you can make at these gatherings. There's something for everyone on this list to heat up your winter next month!

BELGIUM | February 1 - 2 | Bruges Bierfestival: Explore a diverse range of beer sampling from an epic range of more than 400 beers from nearly 80 Belgian breweries.

CARIBBEAN, JAMAICA | February 2 - 27 | Reggae Month at the Bob Marley Museum: Experience the influence of reggae music with exhibitions, workshops, lectures, awards and a concert.

CARIBBEAN, ARUBA | February 4 - 25 | Carnival: Grand parades, stunning costumes, lively dance and music events, and a beauty pageant to crown Mrs. Carnival await.

DENMARK, COPENHAGEN | February 6 - 29 | Copenhagen Vinterjazz: With international and Danish jazz artists attending this annual concert extravaganza, enjoy jazz in the city’s streets, clubs, cafés and concert halls.

THAILAND, CHIANG MAI | February 7 - 9 | Chiang Mai Flower Festival: Elaborate displays of flower floats highlight a weekend of local art, music, ornamental plants and an agricultural fair.

VIETNAM, HOI AN | February 8 | Hoi An Lantern Festival: Along the banks of Hoai River, marvel at the beautiful lanterns glowing with candles among folk performances, bamboo flutes, fiddles, drums, poetry and Bai Choi games.

NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH ISLAND | February 8 | Marlborough Food and Wine Festival: Sample varietals from over 40 wineries, plus enjoy delectable cuisine and live music in the heart of Brancott Vineyard.

ITALY | February 8 - 25 | Carnevale: Pre-Lenten festival celebrated with parades, mascarade balls, parties and entertainment.

MEXICO, LOS CABOS | February 14 - 15 | Festival of San José del Cabo: Honoring the city’s patron saint, enjoy a weekend of music, parades, dancing and local cuisines and cocktails.

THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, OAHU | February 14 | E Komo Mai Festival: Feel the Aloha Spirit with family and friends on the warm and sunny beaches of Waikiki with favorite artists, curated activities and unique pop-ups.

FRANCE, NICE | February 15 - 29 | Nice Carnival: A cavalcade of vivid parades, flower battles, music, costumed characters and street events.

NEW ZEALAND, NORTH ISLAND | February 19 - 23 | Napier Festival: Revel in the 1930s art-deco glamour with 125 events, parades, dining and entertainment.

COSTA RICA, SAN JOSÉ | February 20 - 24 | The International Envision Festival: Enjoy live acting, painting, musical and dance performances, puppet shows, art and environmental displays.

UNITED STATES, LOUISIANA | February 25 | Mardi Gras: Enjoy a Fat Tuesday gala, parades, elaborate floats, costumes, bead tossing, entertainment and outdoor concerts with parades beginning as early as January 6.

Contact me to experience a fantastic festival this February!


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