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Traveling Planning in National Wellness Month

"Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners." – William Shakespeare

With so much heartbreak around the world, it's worth recognizing that August is National Wellness Month. Wellness is difficult to define, encompassing both the external and internal. We can only control so much of our external circumstances, and the rest is mental fitness getting us through. We've had a long year and a half, haven't we? How are you doing, really? I hope you are, as they say, well. But what does that mean and what does that feel like? To me, wellness is physical health as well as an inner calm, fortitude, and belief that things can improve, even when (or especially when) the days are darkest. I also check my wellness by profoundly appreciating my external comforts like a secure home, soft bed, nutritious food, plentiful water, a loveable kitty, my Nespresso machine.... You get the idea.

When traveling you can make conscious choices that also contribute greatly to the wellness of communities and local economies. Nine Muses Travel is a proud member of Virtuoso's Sustainability Community dedicated to preserving cultural heritage and championing responsible, meaningful travel experiences. I'm also a member of Virtuoso's Wellness Travel Community, offering preferred status with incredible hotels, tour operators, cruises, and more - all focused on relaxation, detox, mindfulness, immersive spa experiences, and unforgettable retreats around the world. However you approach wellness this month, travel can play an integral part in bringing wellness to your mind, body, and spirit while extending opportunities for enhanced wellness to the people and environments you visit. If this is important to you too, let's talk about how we can incorporate these values more into your next journey.

Personally, I've thought about wellness a lot this past week because in the midst of allllll my Virtuoso Travel Week one-on-one virtual meetings with travel partners all over the globe, I began putting the pieces together for my October trip to Tuscany; incorporating wellness experiences was top of mind as I planned this trip because just like everyone else I really need a getaway. It won't surprise anyone who knows how I like to travel when I say I am packing SO MUCH awesomeness into this trip. It began with an invitation from the Tuscan tourism board to be a hosted buyer at their Buy Tuscany tourism event. What kind of advisor would I be to you if I didn't add on a few days to showcase more of Tuscany and share my journey and feedback with you? It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it! ;)

Besides its picturesque vineyards and cultural riches of Florence, Tuscany is also a region filled with thermal hot springs, amazing spa resorts, plus luxurious beach towns often overlooked for its Cinque Terre neighbors. So far I've made arrangements for a night at the spa resort Fonteverde (pictured above), two extra nights at Dimora Palanca in Florence (a brand new property opening days before I arrive in October when I'll be their first travel advisor guest!), a night on the Tuscan coast at Plaza e de Russie followed by a site visit at Hotel Byron (accompanied by the owner of both properties), plus dining arrangements and hotel tours In Florence with The Place Firenze, Villa San Michele (a Belmond Hotel), and more TBA. Buy Tuscany takes places in the lovely medieval town of Lucca, plus I'm joining their "post tour" to Siena, Monteriggioni, and San Gimignano.

In the travel industry we call all this a "fam" trip, short for "familiarization," because it's important I stay knowledgeable about destinations and suppliers that are best for our Nine Muses Travel community, and nurturing my professional relationships in person with our trusted travel partners elevates the VIP care and attention you deserve when you travel. Tuscany is an oft-requested destination, and if you haven't inquired about it yet, something tells me you may start after following my escapades this fall!



Nine Muses Travel offers a premium experience with flights, guides, drivers, rental vehicles, and the best accommodations to maximize your time, with expert advice on how to get the most out of any destination. We INCLUDE amenities for you at the world's finest hotels, the BEST OF THE BEST!

  • Complimentary room upgrades at check-in, subject to availability

  • Complimentary daily breakfast

  • Early check-in / late check-out, subject to availability

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • And more!

Nine Muses Travel works with exceptional suppliers who can add unparalleled value:

  • RISK-FREE bookings you can change up to 7 days prior (sometimes less)

  • World Travel & Tourism Council "Safe Travels" stamp of approval

  • Arrangements for PCR testing internationally before your return to the U.S.

  • Expert guides: artists, historians, naturalists, unique locals with insider tips & insights

  • Flexibility with your touring - See and do as much, or as little, as you prefer!

  • Custom-designed routings

  • Exclusive experiences

  • 24/7 real-time support

I design journeys to inspire artists, arts lovers, and intellectually curious travelers seeking authentic arts, culture, history, and cuisine for life-changing, joyful discoveries with special insider access and VIP amenities, all over the world. Let's start planning your next adventure!

Danielle Dybiec | Founder & President


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