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Video Tours of Paris Hotel Suites & Views

"To know Paris is to know a great deal." – Henry Miller

Bonjour from Paris! It's been a whirlwind weekend on my fourth visit to this beautifully beguiling City of Lights. Last year at a Peninsula Hotels event in NYC, I won a drawing for two free nights at The Peninsula Paris, and now here I am! This picture is one of two balconies off my Superior Suite (check out the video tour of my room below)! Before leaving Paris, I'll have toured two museums, had four hotel site visits, been on an Art Nouveau architecture walking tour, had an incredible spa experience at The Peninsula Paris, and enjoyed some deeeelicious meals. I've taken tons of photos, which I hope to post soon (along with all my Mexico photos from November!), but in the meantime, below are fun video tours of some of the most beautiful rooms and views of Paris!

I love making these videos with the truly lovely staff of these hotels - and all the others on my Hotel Tours playlist at the Nine Muses Travel YouTube channel. They're fond memories of the wonderful colleagues I meet in the travel and hospitality community during my travels while giving you a first-hand account of my genuine first impressions and reactions of each property. They're all 100% impromptu, and the person giving me the tour had no idea I'd ask if I could film them showing me around. I don't even know going in when I'm going to want to make a video. I just get a sense that what I'm about to see won't be able to be captured in words or photos, and then I know it's time to start recording!

My advice on the don't miss videos from this weekend's list above: DEFINITELY watch the tours of the Peninsula Signature Suite and Le Meurice suite. They're outrageously gorgeous! C'est magnifique!!

At the Nine Muses Travel YouTube channel, you can find all these plus a fun tidbit: Pompidou's free views of Paris 😎 I filmed this on Monday morning alongside my private Pompidou tour guide, an artist and art historian who led me on a sublime tour of this modern Parisian gem, and you too can book this experience through Nine Muses Travel. I also finally made it to the Louvre and was delighted by how uncrowded it was compared to how I always imagined/dreaded it would be. Maybe going on a Monday in January had something to do with it, but also I was led by another savvy guide who brought our small group of 10 on a skip-the-line, late entry tour through the Louvre - perfectly timed to avoid crowds and conclude at the Mona Lisa before closing when she has the fewest admirers around. We had all the time we wanted with her, in clear view. What an unexpected treat! Want the same insider tour? I can arrange it for you too!

Everything I've seen and done in Paris can also be arranged for you through Nine Muses Travel, and as everyone knows, Paris is always a good idea.



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Danielle Dybiec

Founder & President

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