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Why Work with a Travel Advisor?

Let's start with the first, most obvious question! Maybe you've booked your own travel before and are wondering what Nine Muses Travel can do for you. Some people love to make their own travel arrangements and others hate the hassle. Either way, the real question is: Are you really getting the best value for your time and money when you plan everything on your own? 

A travel advisor has global connections that can include VIP amenities and perks at hotels, on cruise lines, on tours, and more and can take your trip from ordinary to extraordinary. Benefits include complimentary breakfast, spa credits, upgrades, the best views, plus all the expertise of a travel professional who knows the world and sees the nuances in every trip.

The most important thing to me about your itinerary is whatever is most important to you! Do you prefer private tours or making new friends on a group tour experience? Do you want to take a cooking class or never leave your resort? Are you celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary? Are you sharing travel with your children to educate them about the world? Are you involved with an organization that would benefit from a group trip together? I'm here to offer plenty of suggestions (maybe ideas you never considered before!) that work best for your own travel style.

And in the end, should anything disrupt your trip, my help is only a phone call away!  You'll have a personal fixer who knows how to quickly help make any situation better. When you get back from your trip, we'll follow up together because I care about your experience. And maybe we'll even talk about where you're headed next! 

Budget websites may promise cheap deals, and you are welcome to book with them. If you are looking for an attentive professional who will listen to your individual travel needs and desires, search for the best options for you and offer you plenty of added value for your hard-earned travel dollars, then let's talk!


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