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YES, You Can Still Travel to Cuba - Legally!

The big news in travel last week was the June 4th announcement of new restrictions on Americans going to Cuba. I've traveled a lot to Cuba in recent years and gained new and deeper insights on Cuban history and culture each and every time. I strongly believe governments are a poor reflection of the goodness and decency of people around the world, and I'm deeply happy to be in a position to help you experience Cuba for yourself - legally - under the Support for the Cuban tour category, which I feel is actually the best way to visit Cuba. I can arrange for you to engage meaningfully with local Cubans over several days on a full time cultural itinerary with insider access for a much richer journey than arriving on a cruise was for just a night in port.

When you travel with a licensed tour company on a "Support for the Cuban People" tour, you'll directly help local entrepreneurs, not the government. However you feel about Cuban politics, you can (and should) explore this historic island nation in depth to form your own unfiltered opinions, while patronizing accommodations, meals, businesses and local tours that operate independent of the Cuban government. Cuba is a fascinating destination, and your full time touring itinerary will provide a wealth of first-hand insight while exploring this vibrant island. Havana is a magical destination you shouldn't put off any longer!

Nine Muses Travel works with premier, hand-selected, reputable licensed tour operators whose Support for the Cuban People itineraries reveal Cuba's unique arts, culture, history and cuisine. You'll be invited inside the kitchen of one of Havana’s finest paladares, learn to salsa with incredibly talented dancers, and meet with an Afro-Cuban artist. You’ll explore Cuba’s iconic sights, such as Finca Vigia (Hemingway’s house), Havana Vieja, and Revolution Square. There are exciting 5 or 8 days tours with several departure dates to choose from, when you'll engage with expert Cuban chefs & mixologists, celebrate happy hour with tapas and daiquiris in a local’s home, and shop in bustling markets. And of course tour Havana retro-style in a ’57 Chevy!

You'll travel in good hands with expert Cuban tour operators so you can relax and go with the flow and allow yourself the opportunity to get to know the everyday people of Cuba and their complex island home. Cuba is full of well-preserved, candy-colored colonial architecture, Art Deco landmarks, and also a thriving contemporary art and music scene, and it all begs to be discovered on a tour focused on supporting local, independent entrepreneurship. So raise your mojito high and say YES to finally booking that trip to Cuba!

This November is an especially memorable time to visit Cuba - for the country's 500th Anniversary. Nine Muses Travel has access to an incredible 5-day Havana trip from November 14-18 during the anniversary celebrations, and if you have 9 friends to make a small group of 10, your tour will be private - just for yourselves. 5-day prices start at only $2,990 per person (double occupancy). This is a pivotal moment in history - don't miss it!

Call or email me to join a LEGAL "Support for the Cuban People" insider's tour!


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